October 25, 2023

Diaper distribution

Why are we distributing diapers each month? Every month, we unload about 15,000 diapers for distribution to anybody who needs them. We have mothers with teen and pregnant daughters. We have grandmothers standing in line in order to help their grandchildren. And we have fathers and grampa’s who also make the tripfor diapers. As we set up our registration table

Homeless Kids

These Kids Belong To All Of Us When we were working with the homeless population a few years ago, we started to see a pattern where people were expressing that they enjoyed the freedom of being homeless. They wanted the escape from housing responsibilities, utility bills and social responsibilities. They liked being homeless. The total statewide California homeless student population


The Best Volunteers Just Appear Like A New Sunrise Jennifer Jesser goes by the name JT, and the simple combination of two initials suits hereasy-going style completely. Her background is in counseling kids, and she spent her career at the California School For The Deaf. When she reached out to our familynonprofit with a volunteer inquiry, we explained that her