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If you believe in some of the mystical languages and subscribe to the laws of the Universe as well as the Biblical teachings, you would probably not be surprised that our warehouse is never empty. Like the parable of the fish and loaves, the more we give away the more we attract.

Some agencies keep a tight reign on their inventory, but we are just the opposite. As soon as we get new product, we inevitably have someone who needs this.

As soon as we put the whisper into the universe, we get calls and when our inventory is gone, more arrives. It’s really a miracle. An ongoing phenonium that makes us all smile.

Last year, we received 3 pallets of girls leggings. They were made in several Christmas patterns, with a red and black checked pattern. Others had snowflakes and still others looked like a snowman. We had no idea how we would distribute these because it was the middle of Summer. Still, we believed and our faith in what we are doing is always solid.

How would we distribute these seasonal items? At risk kids needed to know that we had their back and we put out the word.

Sure enough, we met a Foster Care Agency at a Logistics location where we were all picking up product for our kids. When we mentioned the leggings, they were astonished that we had exactly what over 500 girls needed. The following week received a call and we set a meeting to visit their facility. We always vet our partners because we want to make sure they have the same spirit of giving as MFG.

I’m happy to report that Warriors For Children, who is one of the largest, best run Foster Agencies in Los Angeles county. We have mutually supported each organization’s endeavors to the exclusive benefit of at risk children.

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