Donors and Partners

Organic Juice For The Kids

Machado Family Giving is incredibly grateful to our community partners for their unbridled generosity. Without them, we just couldn’t make the impact we do. Recently, Paramount Logistics contacted us to let us know that the owners of Kids Healthy Foods wanted to donate 21 pallets of organic drinks to help inner city kids stay refreshed this summer. When we started

Path of Life Ministries

Path of Life Ministries has been one of our Partners since our inception. They have served Riverside County since 1998 and provide a wide range of services including shelters and housing. It is their commitment to at risk children that got our attention and whenever we have clothing, school supplies, shoes, and juice, we offer these items to them so

Kings Warriors

There is no question that Machado Family Giving would not have the success we have without the immense generosity from Kings Warriors and their church, Touch of Masters. We met them in a liquor store parking lot, where they were ministering the some of the poorest people in the community of San Bernardino. We were brand new, offering new backpacks,

A Warrior For Children

When we met Amanda and Jenn, the two women who started A Warrior For Children, we knew we were kindred spirits. Two nurses, who worked with traumatized children, these two ladies had a different idea on how to be the light for kids in need. Whenever we have supplies, clothing or products for children, this agency is one we call.

Dollar Tree

We have so many community partners who understand that giving strengthens their community. It’s not enough to simply work in the city you live in. We’ve all seen the blight and as we delve deeper into the problem, it’s always the children that are affected. We’ve teamed up with the local Dollar Tree of Grand Terrace to complete our goal

Paramount Logistics

Local business’s like to support charities that work to make their communities better for everyone. Employers who support this vision are always on our radar and when we met the staff at Paramount Logistics Inc., it was a huge boost to our ability to support the at risk children in our communities. CEO Steven Chan and partner, JohnWang donated thousands

The Heart Matters

One of our community partners is serving foster children and when we met Heather Ford, we knew immediately that their organization would be one of our partners that we would donate to.The Heart Matters Foster Family Agency,  is a Non-Profit organization, which opened in September of 2016. They serve over 300 foster youth each year and provide a number of