Diapers Make The World A Better Place

We heard a politician recently as she was discussing the economy as it relates to diapers. She said that 40% of the households in America cannot afford diapers. Rarely, do we get involved with politics, but this might actually be a fact.

In 2023, we gave away over 110,000 free diapers to mothers, grandmothers and even some older siblings, who were sent to collect some for their families. Occasionally, we see a dad or two, but much of our audience are mothers. They NEED diapers and we are happy to be able to give them some.

Go to Costco. Go to the grocery store and you will discover, after some simple math, that diapers cost several hundred dollars per month. Consider a family with several infants in diapers and think about the household income.

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to consider that the savings might be to reuse diapers. After rent and food, diapers may very well fall to the bottom of the ladder of necessities.

That’s why we give out diapers each month and this year we are slated to distribute 250,000.

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