Diaper distribution

Why are we distributing diapers each month?

Every month, we unload about 15,000 diapers for distribution to anybody who needs them. We have mothers with teen and pregnant daughters. We have grandmothers standing in line in order to help their grandchildren. And we have fathers and grampa’s who also make the tripfor diapers.

As we set up our registration table and the canopies to shield the blazing sun, they line up and wait. They are patient, grateful to have arrived early before we run out. And if we don’t have their size, they make do. An infant who wears a size three, might just have to squeeze into a size two.

We are always looking for volunteers to help distribute diapers.

Always, we run out and it only takes a couple hours to clear our inventory. The people in line understand this and they hope for their sizes.

When we started distributing diapers, we had to do the math in order tounderstand what a burden purchasing diapers really is. A size three diaper is about .40 each and most kids will need up to ten diapers per day. This equates to $128 per month per child.

As the economy worsens and as jobs get tougher to get, our lines are growing. I am certain we could double our distribution if we could get more product.

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