Homeless Kids

These Kids Belong To All Of Us

When we were working with the homeless population a few years ago, we started to see a pattern where people were expressing that they enjoyed the freedom of being homeless. They wanted the escape from housing responsibilities, utility bills and social responsibilities. They liked being homeless.

The total statewide California homeless student population is 187,000.

Our realization was not 100% across the board, but at minimum, 75% of the people we met with told us the same story. When we offered them backpacks; the same backpacks we worked hard for, raised money to get and them spent hours filling each one with hygiene kits, socks, and jackets, they seemed indifferent. Instead of the “blue one” they asked if they could get a “red one”. A few wanted an extra backpack for a tent mate.

Something was and still is, wrong with this scenario and we were about to change our focus away from such a hot, political issue. But then, we saw the kids. The young toddlers hidden in the tents. We witnessed the living arrangements of very young children who were also homeless, and this remains fixed in our mind.

Do you want to volunteer as we work to help children in our communities?

In Los Angeles, 1/3 of all the homeless people are under the age of 18. Riverside County reports 3,725 children are homeless. Their annual Point-in-Time count reports a homeless rise of 26% among those under the age of 18.

Is the problem a lack of affordable housing? Inflation? Maybe it is an issue with post-covid issues or just economic problems. Machado Family Giving doesn’t get involved with politics nor do we speculate on solutions. We just care about kids. We feel that supporting kids is the basis for a better society and secure kids will make better adults. If you also believe this, please join us as we continue to enrich the lives of children.

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