We Gave Away 10,000 Diapers

Our family hasn’t discussed diapers in a long time. My own children now have their own toddlers, and my involvement is usually going to COSTCO to buy a couple boxes to have available at our house.

I wasn’t until we started distributing diapers through Machado Family Giving, that I educated myself about the extreme financial burden families face when deciding to buy food or diapers.

I’ve heard the stories about babies going without the necessities in life, but is this a reality? If we can’t visualize an event, it’s hard to imagine that it exists. I don’t watch the news very often because I don’t believe many of the facts they purport, but I have witnessed first-hand the realities of babies wearing soiled diapers.

Stephanie Machado, our CEO, discovered this first and slowly I became aware that poor people do not change babies’ diapers as often as more affluent mothers. I don’t have the facts, but the economics speak for themselves.

It’s one of the reasons we are distributing free diapers. At our first event, we gave away 10,000 diapers in a 2-hour period. The need is real.

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