The Best Volunteers Just Appear Like A New Sunrise

Jennifer Jesser goes by the name JT, and the simple combination of two initials suits hereasy-going style completely. Her background is in counseling kids, and she spent her career at the California School For The Deaf.

When she reached out to our familynonprofit with a volunteer inquiry, we explained that her duties might be unloading trucks, or at least working in the warehouse, and she readily agreed to both duties.

Would you like to volunteer to help kids? We have a spot for you.

As with any family organization comprised of driven people, JT fit in well. She smiled at the family dynamics and said she felt right at home. As long as we were focused on kids, she would say with a smile.

And then, one day, JT promoted herself when she asked if she could bring her licensed therapy Dog to one of our community events. She was quick to assure us that she would still help unload the 15,000 diapers we were distributing, but bringing Scout might be a very good way to reach the kids.

We love volunteers who are smarter than us!

We’d never even considered that kids might need this interaction and the more we discussed the topic, the better the idea sounded, so we agreed, and Scout was such a hit and so well received by the kids, that we wouldn’t think about attending any event without Scout in attendance.

Kids with anxiety, (and how can impoverished kids not have anxiety) may not respond well to adults or even to other children, but as they sit with Scout, their apprehension vanishes. Shy and timid kids who won’t even accept a toy will always soften up with our best volunteer. We’re so grateful to have both JT and Scout as part of our family. It is such a welcome blessing for us and the kids we serve.

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