When our family started our nonprofit work, we had no idea the impact we would have in the community or in other people’s lives.

Listen to your heart and act on the feelings you have.

Often, we have an impulse to act. Many times, we disregard and later justify these feelings. As we discussed nonprofit work, we discussed our ages, the investment in time. What wouldit cost?

We discussed the commitment it would involve. How do we even start?  And then, thinking, praying, mediating, we came to the conclusion that we would just begin with the new day. We would simplystart, and God and the Universe would take care of the rest.

You don’t need all the answers to follow your heart. You just need to believe.

And we began our journey. We had a small building that was empty, and we had a dream. Now, as we approach our three-year mark, we look back on what we’ve accomplished.

  • We discuss that little girl who hugged us so tightly because of the joy we brought into her life one Christmas.
  • We talk about the single mother with three kids, running from an abusive husband.

How did we accomplish all of this? We have the best sponsors and donors who believe in our mission that kids really are the future of our society. Secure children make for more secure adults, and this is an investment in our communities.

We continue to believe and trust that God and the Universe will steer us in the right direction.  All we need to do is to show up.

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