Your Donations At Work

We are always on the lookout for items for the children in our communities. Whether it is toys, diapers, clothing or even jackets during hot summer months—we are on the hunt and don’t mind warehousing product until the time is right for distribution. Our philosophy is that well-adjusted kids have a better chance of being well-adjusted adults and this makes our communities a better place for people to live.

We often take for granted the gifts we are given, but meeting some of the kids in homeless encampments and in the foster system, I am very conscious of the tremendous need among so many children.

When we recently delivered three cases of Varsity jackets to The Greenhouse Foster agency in Riverside, CA, I was mildly surprised when the kids were handed their new jackets. For some, this was their first New jacket. Many had previously relied on family members to outgrow a jacket before they were afforded the opportunity to wear it. Having a new jacket meant something else too. This was theirs to keep. It was theirs and it signified that they mattered. I watched the surprised look turn into one of pride and I knew we were on the right path with our family foundation. Anytime you wan instill pride and help to build self-esteem in a young child, they are a step closer to being a better member of society.

Our recent activity took us to a large warehouse where the owners were not able to sell their inventory and with seasonal changes, they needed room for incoming products. We were called to pick up what turned out to be donated goods consisting of a variety of brand-new toys. Though our warehouse is bulging at the seams, we rented a truck and picked up a bounty for the kids in our community. If you know of excess inventory, please give us a call. The kids will thank you!

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