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We were recently asked to assist one of our nonprofit partners, Kings Warriors, a 501 (c3) organization who wanted help distributing food to families in need.

EveryWednesdaymorning in their church parking lot, the cars line up. By 10:00 am, the line is in the street, cars edging to the shoulder to allow passing traffic to get by. Everybody cutting off the engine to conserve gasoline. They waited in anticipation for community aid.

Many of us take for granted the food available to us. We complain about grocery prices and discuss in disbelief what it now costs for a gallon of milk, but I don’t know anybody who declines to purchase food in lieu of purchasing other necessities. And yet, in San Bernardino, CA, hungry families are lined up for food. Children in the backseat, parents willing to wait their turn for any food available.

The food give-away was donated by local foodbanks, stores and a lot of it was bulk items no longer saleable. The shelf life of the bananasI saw were a day or two from being thrown out.Day old bread and bags of rice were eagerly accepted. We provided frozen chicken to hungry families who were happy to be included in this missionary work.

Many of the drivers asked for a prayer or a blessing as they waited their turn in the long line. As they held our hand and closed their eyes, we prayed for their family and felt firsthand their desperation. One woman was agitated because she thought she would run out of gas as shecrept forward, waiting her turn.

Thank you to our partners for the opportunity to serve those less fortunate.

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