No Foster Care For This Family

We received a call from Toni Binns, who has been an integral part of our family for the past ten years. Toni is a kidney transplant recipient, and she has a wealth of knowledge in Social Services with a M.A. , L.M.F.T.. To have her on our team has proven invaluable.

We are a charitable organization with the intent to help children.

She wanted to know if we had the capacity to help a family of 9 and when we heard the story our hearts melted.

At 37 years of age, Kitty Linton lost her life to breast cancer after a diagnosis three months earlier. She is survived by her sister, Tolanda and her six children. Five of the children are under the age of ten.

Tolanda, divorced, with three children of her own, made the decision to adopt her sister’s children because social services would have split them up into the foster care system. The biggest obstacle is housing—Tolanda lives in a two-bedroom apartment, and she needs to find new housing immediately.

Machado Family Giving just received a donation from a donor who wanted their money to go to a family in memory of our sister, Tracie Rodrigues, who died recently from cancer.

Besides a monetary donation, our family foundation was able to find numerous items the children can use. Diapers, Clothing, Toys, backpacks, school supplies and an array of personal items we think those kids will cherish for a long time.

We’ve had tremendous success filling our warehouse with essentials for the children of our communities. Our goal is to distribute everything to the less fortunate and to their families. We do this directly as in the case with Tolanda and her family and through our nonprofit partners, but you, our donors are the greatest asset we have. Without your support, we simply could not enact our vision.

Thank you

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