Providing Weekly Food Assistance

One of our community partners asked us to assist them with their weekly food assistance program. Each Wednesday, cars would line up starting at 9 Am in one of the poorest areas of San Bernardino, CA.

Kings Warriors in an instrumental force it the county of San Bernardino and have asked us to partner with them on several nonprofit projects. Their heart is as large as any organization we’ve encountered, and we always respond with enthusiasm and gratitude at the opportunity to assist them in helping those in need.

When the gates opened, automobiles inched their way forward, snaking into the parking lot in anticipation of free food. Local Food Banks provided fresh chicken, produce and various canned goods as well as bananas’ and other fruit that was getting too old to sell.

I am always surprised at the need for such basics. Many people rolled down their window and asked us to pray with them. One lady asked that she not run out of gas in line. Nearly every car had children inside, on their way to school or on the road to drop off a parent to work.

It was humbling to connect with their humility and grateful smiles, and we continue this work as our schedule permits. When you wonder how many children go hungry daily you have to think about the number of people who rely on free food to get their daily nourishment.

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